Gladwin County
401 W. Cedar Avenue
Gladwin, MI 48624


Gladwin County
Construction Codes Department

555 W. Cedar Avenue, Suite C
Gladwin  MI  48624
Justin Schneider
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Duties & Responsibilities
The Gladwin County Construction Codes Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of state & local codes for building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing trades, and Zoning within its corporate limits. It also assigns new addresses for properties within Gladwin County. The departmental staff works together to insure the minimum requirements for the construction industry are being met, keeping the safety and welfare of Gladwin's residents and property owners its top priority.

Responsibilites of the staff include processing and issuing permits as required, plan reviews and inspection of projects, documenting code violations and sending letters or correction notices to the proper individual or professional and issuing Certificates of Occupancy. Our goal is to provide accurate and efficient service to the public while enforcing the State of Michigan Codes.

Construction Codes Departmental Staff
Justin Schneider
  Building Official, Building Inspector, Plan
Reviewer, Zoning Administrator
  (989) 426-5931
Tom Verellen
  Mechanical Inspector, Plumbing Inspector,
Plan Reviewer
  (989) 426-5931
Dan Rowley
  Electrical Inspector, Plan Reviewer
  (989) 426-4961
Debra Lechner
  Construction Codes Clerk
  (989) 426-6909
Laurie Howey
  Construction Codes Clerk
  (989) 426-6909
Kimberly Donn
  Zoning Clerk
  (989) 426-4787