Gladwin County 
Emergency Management and Homeland Security

555 W. Cedar Avenue 
Gladwin  MI  48624

Gladwin County Hazard Mitigation Plan

       Marianne Hill - Emergency Management Director

The Gladwin County Office of Emergency Management is the local face of the Department of Homeland Security. It is the department within the Gladwin County government that coordinates emergency and/or disaster activities within the county. Responsibilities also include: 
  • Mitigation - reducing exposure to and minimizing the impact of potential emergency conditions. 
  • Preparedness - planning responses and maintaining facilities and resources for dealing with emergency situations. 
  • Response - coordinating the efforts of all agencies and resources needed in an emergency or disaster. 
  • Recovery - securing and directing all governmental resources at every level to facilitate recovery. 
Gladwin County has an emergency management plan with contingencies for all types of disaster including both man-made and natural. The plan is constantly revised and updated to make provision for changes in the community and in the nature of potential threats.
 The Emergency Management Director also makes sure the county meets all requirements of the Department of Homeland Security, prepares grant applications, periodically inspects and tests equipment, conducts readiness drills and maintains contact with first responder agencies throughout Gladwin County.