County Prosecuting Attorney

Aaron W. Miller
401 W. Cedar Avenue
Gladwin, MI  48624
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Duties and Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the prosecuting attorney is to authorize and prosecute all violations of state law committed with the County of Gladwin. Thus, the prosecutor's main duty is to represent the People of the State of Michigan in all criminal proceedings in the county. This representation takes place in three courts in the county: 80th District Court, 55th Circuit Court and Family Court, a division of Circuit Court (formerly Probate Court). Additionally, the prosecutor also appears in the two state appeals courts: Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. There are many other responsibilities that the prosecutor is accountable for including over 220 statutory requirements that the prosecutor must fulfill.

The prosecutor is the chief law enforcement official in the county. This means that the prosecutor makes the ultimate decision concerning whether a person will be prosecuted for a crime and what crime will be charged against an individual.

As your prosecutor, I will strive to uphold the peace and dignity of the citizens of Gladwin County through effective, efficient and fair administration of justice under the laws of the State of Michigan while maintaining the highest professional standards in the service of public prosecution. I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve

Norm Gage
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Office Staff

No office works well without a dedicated and talented staff. 
Our friendly staff is here to protect citizens of
Gladwin County as victims rights counselors,
children's advocates, and many other functions.